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We expect parents, guardians and leaders to screen girl participation on this site.


Troop Leaders and Advisors are responsible for reviewing safety guidelines in Volunteer Essentials, before they leave their meeting site. Even then, they continue to be the “adult in charge”. Knowledge of Girl Scout policies is not required to post or reply to offerings on the Pixie List.

Please refrain from posting detailed personal information on the Pixie List, such as home addresses and phone numbers.  When  meeting new volunteers or exchanging materials, meet during the day, in a public place.  If you experience any suspicious behavior or abuse of the Pixie List, please report any and all violations to

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Adult Volunteer Available
Adults, 18 or over, can offer their time and talents in this category. Do you love knitting? Are you interested in sharing the world of astrophysics or chemistry with girls? Just wanna lend a hand? Let us know where and when you are available!

Adult Volunteer Wanted
Make a request for the adult volunteer help you need. Are you celebrating world cultures through Thinking Day? Running a Zoomba Event? Looking for a scientific mind or a mathematician? Ask for general help or specify a time, date and task. The perfect person might be reading this right now!

Girl Volunteer Available
Girl Scouts of any program level can offer their help in this category. Looking for Silver Trefoil hours? Maybe you need service hours for school? Offer your time or offer your skills – the right opportunity awaits! (Under no circumstances should Teen Girl Scouts communicate or volunteer with an organization through thePixie List prior to a leader and/or parent verifying the safety of the opportunity, this includes exchanging personal information)

Girl Volunteer Wanted
Administrative volunteers and Girl Scout staff often need the assistance of a girl or two. Are you looking for a troop to sell lunch at your training blitz? Do you have a Brownie event and you want a Cadette troop interested in earning their Leader In Action patch? Post for what you need here!  (Under no circumstances should Teen Girl Scouts communicate or volunteer with an organization through the Pixie List prior to a leader and/or parent verifying the safety of the opportunity, this includes exchanging personal information)

Materials Available
The general public can offer unused materials or supplies in this section. Girl Scouts can find a use for most anything! Do you have boxes of unused yarn? Are you overflowing with recycled products like soda bottles or egg cartons that could be used for a troop craft? Given up on your scrapbooking hobby? Post your materials in this section and make a Brownie Troop smile!

Materials Wanted
Girl Scout volunteers and girls in need of supplies can post in this category. Need broken crayons for a craft project? Looking for fabric remnents for a sewing badge? Post your wish here; you never know who might have exactly what you need!

Run by Girls
Girl Scout teens who are running Girl Scout events can advertise here! Whether offering to cook meals as a money earning project, or running a “Brownie Try-It” Day, post your program, event or services here. (Remember to submit a B250 form to your Service Unit Manager “Requesting Approval for a Troop Money Earning Event” before posting)

Run by Vendors
In addition to our traditional ways to promote local companies and vendors (our GSCNC webpage, print newsletter and electronic newsletter) you may chose to promote your services in this category. If interested in traditional forms of promotion, please contact PLEASE NOTE: your submission may be removed by staff due to Girl Scout safety and activity guidelines. Certificates of insurance are needed for all High Adventure events lsited below:

Certificates of Insurance
The following activities may require the location where the activity is taking place to submit a current copy of their Certificate of Insurance.*

• Amusement Parks
• Archery
• Biking
• Boat Tours
• Canoeing/Kayaking
• Caving
• Challenge Courses
• Chartered Transportation
• Dogsledding
• Fencing
• Hay Rides
• Horseback Riding
• Skating, ice and roller
• Skiing/Snowboarding
• Mountain Boarding
• Sledding/Tubing
• Rafting/Row boating
• Sailing
• Scuba Diving/Snorkeling
• Surfing
• Swimming/Pools
• Tubing (water)
• Waterskiing
• Windsurfing

*This list is not comprehensive. There may be other activities that require a Certificate of Insurance. Please check Adventure